“Discant” is double-row (wide-grasping) disc harrow

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“Discant” disc harrows are designed for traditional, minimal, basic and presowing tillage for cereals, technical and fodder crops, weed control, large-stalk crops’ stubbles chopping, with processing depth up to 15 cm. Each disc is located on the individual axis and deviates from the vertical plane. Individual racks usage reduced significantly the clogging of the unit, lowered the resistance and improved the mixing of vegetation residues with the soil.

Each row of discs has adjustable attack angle and so the disc working width. The disc thus is a ploughshare and a bank. This contributes to a better turnover of a cut layer, its crumbling, as well as to a reduction in required tractor tractive effort. The absence of disc batteries with a single axis in a design allows the disc harrow to work in wet weather on lands with a large amount of plant residues, as well as on lands with any amount of weeds. In this case the winding on the disc axis and densely clogging the discs rows is impossible. There is no need to use cleaners in the design since there is disc self-cleaning in process.

“Discant-12” disc harrows advantages

Aggregates with 5th traction class tractors (K-700ND-5, K-701, K-744)

• High productivity up to 13 ha / h

• Depth setting with shut-off hydraulic valve.

• Tubular packing unit for leveling the field surface (option).

• Powerful frame is made of a pipe 140x100x6 mm, which increases significantly the strength and tools service life;

• Reinforced disc D rack. 58.5 mm allows working on heavy soils;

• Quality discs made of boron-containing steel (production of companies, "Bellota").

• Reliable disc hubs with liquid lubrication (manufactured by MIK)




12 metres  

Discant harrow mass, t


Number of sections, pcs.


Maximum transport speed, km / h


Optimum working speed, km / h


Productivity, ha / h


Number of working tools 35cm (30cm), pcs.


Longitudinal rows of discs pitch, mm


Treatment depth, cm


Disc diameter, mm


Disk thickness, mm


Tractor power, hp


Tests were held in SibMis. Preliminary tests protocol and the specifications are here:  download the appendix


Disc harrow can be equipped with tube packing wheels and is made to the customer width.

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Warranty: 1 year