“SevMaster - 10” sowing machine:

In 2017-2018 “SevMaster-10” pneumatic stubble - disc sowing machine was developed and built at the enterprise. The main tasks during sowing machine development were to create convenient, universal, reliable, easy-to-maintain and affordable machine with the familiar principle of the “Omichka” cultivator and SZP. The sowing machine was tested in difficult conditions of 2018 sowing campaign and showed good results. The sowing machine is aggregated by 5 traction class tractors including K-700, 701 with an additional oil supply system (available from us).


“SevMaster-10” sowing machine consists of a 3-section bunker with a volume of 10,000 liters with three sowing devices. These devices allow sowing the main crop and two fertilizer types simultaneously. Sowing devices are adjusted with an accuracy of 2 kg per hectare. Feed hopper is semi-trailer and distributes up to 35% of the weight to the tractor. To reduce seeds (especially beans) traumatization the hopper is equipped with a belt seed tender. The belt tender is able to load and unload seeds remained when changing to another crop.


Sowing cultivator consists of 5 sections with a width of 2.1 meters. Total grasp width is 10.5 meters. Five identical (not wide) sections with additional support wheels in front and a battery of rollers from behind provide excellent copying, packing and a more accurate sowing depth across the entire machine width.


Cultivator frames in the transport position are folded forward on the feed hopper. This makes it compact and manoeuvrable. Sowing machine small size and stability in the transport position helps to move from one place to another in a short time.


“SevMaster-10” sowing machine is universal and can be used as a stubble sower on paws and as a disc sower if necessary. The main cultivator frame in a short time can be converted from one type to another by sections replacement.


“SevMaster-10” sowing machine is a profitable solution for those who have sown with SZS, SKP, “Omichka” type sowers until now. As they have an opportunity to buy a feed hopper with the cultivator main frame without paying extra money for a section with working tools and packing device and to install its own sower sections on it.